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Victor Brana - a Freelance Senior Retoucher.

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Victor Brana: Top-Rated Freelancer and
Upwork Skill Certification owner.
My name is Victor, I am a Senior Retoucher and Graphic designer with an in-depth working knowledge of the Adobe software and 20+ years of combined creative and technical experience in digital photography and retouching, eСommerce and advertising with many satisfied customers in my portfolio.
Part of my career is also related to graphic design, project management and quality assurance in game development field.
All my experience specializing in photo editing, realistic retouching and image design has taught me that collaboration produces the best work. Whether, I touches-up photo or develops complex images from many content sources, CGI elements and digital illustrations, I listen, offers advice, and make sure that you’re as happy with the process as you are with the final results.
As a multi-talented professional with an extensive proven track record in creating / editing content for use in print and digital media, I am also able to follow creative direction from any team to meet highest standards of any brand.

Providing customers with the best possible digital services

Main skills and specialities: Adobe Creative Cloud professional (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XD); Proficient in retouching techniques; Expert in digital photography, exposure blending, photo-realistic product compositing and enhancement; photo manipulation; high-end retouching experience for e-commerce and advertising; Firm understanding of non-destructive workflows; Highly developed eye for detail and color accuracy; High ability to distinguish between color hues; Exceptional skills in retouching and color correction in both CMYK and RGB; Advanced knowledge of using curves, selective color, channel mixer, layer masks, layer sets, etc.; Experience with Nikon/Canon photography and lighting equipment; Creative Retouching / Photo Editing / Product Retouching, Image manipulation, Masking/Isolation, Advanced color retouching; User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX); Graphic design (for web, print, software and games); Game design; Ecomm, Mobile and Application design skills; Typography; Illustration and Icons; Web and mobile app design; HTML, CSS.

Creative Retouching

Commercial Retoucher, experienced professional in retouching, photo editing.

Graphic Design

Adobe Creative Cloud professional for projects in media products such as apps, websites, magazines, labels, advertising, signage etc.


Digital pre-press services, 15+ years experience in print layout and production.

Game Design

Seven years' experience as a game designer and producer. More than 10 titles released successfully.


My strongest point here are e-commerce, product, automotive and architectural photography.

Web Design

Knowledge of CSS, JS, HTML and web page development. Ux / Ui, custom graphics, on-going site maintenance.


An understanding of the latest trends and their role within a commercial environment.


Not only the content creation, but also the constant support to my clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

I have the time, the patience, and the skills to provide the high quality retouching and post-production services you need, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. You can rest assured that you’ll receive friendly service. As a multi-talented professional with a proven track record of creating / editing digital content for use in print and digital media, I am also able to follow creative direction from any team to meet highest standards of any brand.

How much does it cost?

That depends entirely on how long the retouching will take. Please feel free to send me your images for a free, no-obligation quotation.

How long does it take?

Turnaround times are usually within 1-3 working days, I'll be happy to confirm this as a part of any quotation.

I didn’t take the photograph – is that ok?

By sending me an image for retouching, you are confirming that you have the legal copyright – I cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright.

I’m not in your country – does that matter?

Absolutely not. I work worldwide.

What languages do you speak?

My main languages is English and Belorussian, but I can also communicate well in writing in Slovenský, Český, Polski and Russian.

We have a lot of pictures. How much will it cost to work on one image?

I work on tasks with hourly pay only. Work on each photo has a different level of complexity and takes a different time and, therefore, cannot be paid the same. I am sure that somewhere out there are many retouchers who will be happy to work with payment «per image», but I definitely won't because this is unprofessional.

We are an outsourcing creative services company and we can work on your tasks / orders at a reasonable price for your company / team.

Thank you, but first of all here is no «company» or any «team», I carry out all the tasks by myself and never outsource my tasks to someone else, because I really love to retouch and design; it's my passion. In addition, by doing so, I am always sure, that tasks marked as «private» and «confidential» by my customers, will not leak into the network.

Still have any questions?

Email me at if you still have any questions, I'm always happy to help.

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